St. Martin de Porres Church Wins 2020 Toronto IES Illumination Section Award

Posted on Oct 29, 2020


St. Martin de Porres Church has won the 2020 Toronto IES Illumination Section Award. We look forward to celebrating this win in 2021 with all of the other 2020 IES Award recipients in Toronto. 

  • re-orienting the congregation and altar for unobstructed viewing,
  • improving both natural and artificial light. 
  • custom details to enhance the interior environment and perform an illumination function. 
  • A sleeper system above the wood roof deck for conduit raceways, allowing the existing wood ceiling to remain and no exposed conduits inside. 
  • Pale blue wood caps at the bottom of the glue-lam beams allowed additional cabling for fire protection and data/communication systems.
  • New 3500K LED downlight pendant cans, one per diamond coffer, provide even illumination (300 lux) throughout the congregation
  • Perimeter fixtures are equipped with a soft lens and wide flood optics to light the 3D Stations-of-the-Cross mounted in new wood frames surrounding the worship space.
  • Three custom decorative fixtures with 7 pendants in each configuration, (reference symbolism in Christianity) were placed between three new skylights to highlight the altar

As the architects and lighting designers, we proposed several changes to improve the space