The original boathouse structure was 3 stories in height and large enough to house a 60’ yacht. Using the original steel structure as a design skeleton, the boathouse slip was resized to fit a 30’ boat and to accommodate a new living space. We designed the space to maximize views of the lake from many different vantage points. We incorporated a design feature we call the “T-light wall”.  It is comprised of a series of differing-sized windows laid out in a controlled but random pattern across the main transverse walls of the building and are visible on the interior, exterior and from the boathouse slip. At night the house can glow like a welcoming beacon on the shore or withdraw into the shoreline with only the T-lights and decorative Edison lamp pendants. Energy-efficient LED and fluorescent lighting are architecturally integrated into the details of the space, providing both warm and functional lighting as well as beauty and playfulness. We focused on using materials that withstand our seasonal climate including Zinc, Cedar Shakes, Ipe, Stainless Steel, and Glass.

Contractor: Scape-Tech Contracting
Millwork: Djepeto Interior Woodwork
Photo credits: Andrew Waller Photography