This diminutive 1950’s buff brick building is designated as a Heritage Building within the Mirvish Village area, situated beside St. Peter’s Church and across the street from Bathurst Subway Station. It was an underutilized but convenient asset of the Toronto Archdiocese to re-purpose for several of their important outreach services. The fully renovated building is now home to The Office for Refugees (ORAT), The Office for Catholic Youth (OCY), and much-needed Archival storage. The building has been designed to include Class A Control Museum standard archival space, as well as ample, accessible meeting and office spaces for diverse user groups supporting Archdiocesan outreach activities. Taking the mid-century modern origins as a design cue, we created bright airy open office spaces incorporating playful yet efficient lighting, furnishings, and finishes. A new LULA elevator addition, radiant and heat pump HVAC systems, pre-action sprinkler system, and restored exterior will provide a long-lasting low impact base for these dynamic services.

Contracting: DASD
Photography: Andrew Waller Photography