• AFCDSC_6474

    Advice from a Caterpillar

  • DSC_3739

    Aurora Cultural Centre

  • slideshow_0817

    Beaver Valley Country House

  • DSC_5027

    Burnhamthorpe Park Residence

  • SlideshowCottageC

    Lake Simcoe Cottage

  • CAN5

    Lake Simcoe Boathouse

  • DSC_4908

    Lorne Park Residence

  • 111308

    St. Cecilia Church

  • 122108

    St. Francis of Assisi

  • 222301

    Terrace House II

  • GreenlawSlideshow

    Toronto Townhouse

  • 110308

    Urban Oasis


    Varley Art Gallery

  • slideshow_0514

    Weybourne Residence

  • Slideshow

    Willard Residence

  • 052304

    Zig Zag Cottage


    Ardagh Residence

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Lynch + Comisso: Architecture + Light is a full service architectural and design firm with an added specialty in Architectural Lighting Design. Our philosophy is to approach each and every design with an open mind, progressive thinking and thorough research. This philosophy allows our team to work creatively and skillfully to resolve the unique issues presented by each individual project. Established in 2004 by Mary Ellen Lynch and Steven Comisso, the firm has evolved and grown into a great success with numerous award winning designs.

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